Why do I Occupy? Because it wasn't just Wall Street. It was Me - the taxpayer since age 16 with a retirement account on Wall Street. Is this the best world all that tax money could pay for? A nation #1 in incarcerating its private citizens, stealing their homes, lands, health, freedom, futures? Though coerced, I am culpable in the plight of our nation, of other nations, and of the earth itself. I financed war against minorities, women, youth; against plants, animals, insects; against air, water, soil. I paid the salaries of crooked politicians FOR LIFE, with better insurance than any of us can hope for! Me.

Awake, I have three choices I can see: go back to sleep and wake me when it's over; cower in fear of police my taxes pay for, my silence (like my taxes) coerced; or follow my heart, my truth, my instinct for survival. Believe Me, I want to choose Option #2 every single day. But instead, I choose to Occupy. me. Privileged to serve with heroes from all walks of life, to honor those who lead the way. Viva la Revolucion de la Paz. Long live the Revolution of Peace.