"The judge told the Obama administration that they could not use the law [NDAA]. The response of the Administration was to file for an emergency measure to keep the law in effect while they appeal the ruling.

Indefinite detention without trial is used to suppress dissent by dictators around the world. It is the type of oppressive executive power that our Constitution was written to forbid. It's time to tell President Obama that it doesn't belong in America.

Please don't let this pass without raising your voice. Once your rights are taken away, it will be too late to protest.

This isn't just a matter for the lawyers to decide. This threat to our constitutional rights is arising from a "look tough" political strategy adopted by the Obama administration. The Administration needs to understand that continuing down this path will exact a political price. They must be told that Americans resent their attempts to defend a law that undermines the constitution."

-Dr. Jill Stein

Huge thanks to Dr. Stein for taking the time to participate in Faces of Occupy.

Dr. Stein is the Green Party Presidential Candidate: http://www.jillstein.org/